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The Retire by 35 website explains personal finance in easy, digestible language designed to help you reach financial success. Our sole mission is to help you earn more and save more.

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Start with Money Management and Budgeting are Vital for Avoiding Financial Disasters. We’ve organized the rest of the site into four categories (see sidebar) according to the pillars of finance: assets, debts, inflows, and outflows.

About the owner of this blog

When I graduated from Cornell, my student loan servicer called me the day after the ceremony wanting to know how soon I could start paying off the $20,000 I owed them (I also had almost $10k in credit card debt).

With that debt weighing on me, I decided not to pile on the stress of graduate school. Instead, I went to work right away and started paying back those loans as fast as I could.

I made smart use of every paycheck and started investing, dabbling in the stock market until I understood it better. Then, after a couple of years’ experience in the market, and with the support of my parents, I bought a house.

The house turned out to be a wise financial decision, and I got the property bug. Now, I own multiple rental properties. Hard work and diligence paid off at my job, and I became the youngest executive in the company’s history. Now, I own my own business and manage many more investment portfolios.

My current goal is to retire by 35!